Our Counterweight-Plus programme can help you to achieve 2 stone (15kg) of weight loss, which can:


  • Reduce your risk of chronic disease
  • Improve your mobility and energy levels
  • Help you feel better and healthier


How it works

Total Diet Replacement

We’ve made weight loss simple with our specially formulated soups, shakes and porridge. You’ll have 4 meal replacements per day for 12 weeks, designed to help you lose significant body weight quickly and easily. You’ll be matched with a dietitian from day 1 who will help you to manage tough situations and reach your goals. 


Food Reintroduction

You’ll work with a dietitian to slowly reintroduce balanced meals back into your diet. You’ll learn all about nutrition, physical activity and habit psychology so that you can make long-term changes to your eating and activity behaviours.


Weight Loss Maintenance

You’ll have ongoing support from your dietitian who will help you to stay on track, navigate challenges and build up your toolbox of strategies so that you can maintain your new lower weight, forever.